The Journey of an Investor Turned CEO: Part 1

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Matt FeshbachIt has been said that if you don’t tell your story, someone else will tell it for you. And I might add that when it is told by others, it isn’t likely to be accurate—even if positive. I decided to tell my story here so those who want to get to know me better could come to the source: me. Of course, blogs are not confessionals but they allow a person to speak for and about themselves.

Oddly, those who know me well would tell those who don’t that I generally spend more time listening to others than the average person. That is because I am interested in other people and like to help friends and even strangers more than just about anything. Helping others requires listening, and so I do that a lot.

So what is “my story”? It is one of a lot of success and several humbling falls from grace. It started with getting my first C in advanced math, my first D in algebra, flunking geometry twice and never even opening the biology textbook in high school. But all the while, I was searching for the answer to the question: What makes people tick? I found that answer in my senior year in high school: Scientology. More on that story later, but it turned my life around for sure.

The Matt Feshbach investment story is one of seeing a few big opportunities early; short selling (Feshbach Bros.), distressed investing (Junkyard Partners), activist investing (MLF Investments) and now Okyanos, which promises to be the leader in using adult stem cells to treat coronary artery disease and other huge unmet medical needs.

My story has some twists and turns and ups and downs but, despite the latter, I am quite proud of my many successes at helping others personally, spiritually and financially.

More on this series later. Thanks for reading!   


8 thoughts on “The Journey of an Investor Turned CEO: Part 1

    • Hi Matt,

      I have personally seen and experienced yr willingness and ability to listen and help others.

      I am looking forward to reading your adventures. As I begin a new chapter of my own I find this blog quite timely. Hopefully a few hatting insites.

      Great stuff


  1. Hi Matt, love the work you are doing and am looking forward to the next chapter!
    I posted an artistic rendition of one of your photos as it inspired me in a private
    message on Facebook. Hope you like it!
    Sharon Beth

  2. I only know a small sliver of the story and so of course I want to know the WHOLE story.

    Just going to go get some popcorn (organic, non-GMO of course). Be right back…