Nassau Guardian Interview: Okyanos Expands Beyond Cardiac Stem Cell Therapy

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Okyanos Stem Cell Therapy FacilityThe Nassau Guardian recently conducted an interview with me as the CEO of Okyanos to learn about the recent expansion of our treatment protocols to include a wider array of chronic conditions beyond heart disease.

Okyanos, which is located in Freeport, Grand Bahama, is proudly the first to receive regulatory approval to treat patients under the nation’s Stem Cell Therapy and Research Act which was passed in 2014.

We now treat patients with severe heart disease and other chronic autoimmune and neurological diseases as well as orthopedic conditions including osteoarthritis, spine disease and sports-related injuries. Thus far, the patient outcomes have been nothing short of remarkable.

“We had originally chosen to focus on cardiac cell therapy, but as the regulations were developed and the science and technology that we’re working with has progressed it became very clear that these cells that we use from a person’s own body fat can treat a number of conditions.”

This is good news for Okyanos and for everyone who has a vision for better healthcare. I look forward to more expansion and helping patients get back to living a more normal life.

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