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Matt Feshbach with Twin Brother JoeHappy Birthday, Matt and Joe” is what I generally heard on July 28th, our birthday.

Today I am happily reminded of all the fun my twin brother Joe, who fondly called us “wombmates,” and I had together throughout our lives and on our birthday. We had awesome wines like Grand Cru burgundies and First Growth Bordeaux, too.

Joe had an infectious sense of humor, which gained momentum by repeating the same one-liner, like saying “wombmates,” over and over. Some how with each repeat it became even more funny. 

I remember so many fun and funny birthday stories with my friends and family in places ranging from Monte Sereno, California to Aspen, Colorado and Sun Valley, Idaho; but my favorite things about my birthday are my wife, Kathy and our kids, Katie, David and Sam all being sure to wish me a happy birthday along with my brothers and sisters-in-law calling me as well.

I have many great friends who have remained so even through some very tough markets and trying times and their “happy birthdays” bring smiles to my face. 

Many thanks for your warm wishes today!

One thought on “Wombmates

  1. Happy Birthday to the most incredible husband!!!!! Remembering all those fun times with you and Joe today was very special. We have outstanding children in our family and so many warm friends and that makes it a very special day!! To a very bright future!!

    Love, Your wife!